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Hello, I’m Steven Chen. I’m currently a graduate student at Stanford studying for a Masters in Computer Science, with a specialization in artificial intelligence. I received my Bachelors in CS from the University of Texas at Austin, under the Turing Scholars honors program.

I have had internship experience in both data science and software engineering. My most recent internship was at Riot Games in 2017 as a data scientist, where I worked on distributed machine learning recommendation algorithms for League of Legends. In 2016, I interned at Google, where I worked on Google Photos backend MapReduce frameworks. Before that, I worked at RetailMeNot on backend algorithms.

You can find my resumé here.

In my free time, I love traveling, playing guitar and saxophone, gaming, experiencing architecture, and Star Trek. Here are a couple of my favorite board games and PC games. I’m also a Google Local Guide.

I post about things I hope are interesting or useful on my blog, take a look below!

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