Hello, I’m Steven Chen! I’m a Masters student at Stanford studying computer science, with a focus on computer vision and AI. I completed my undergrad at UT Austin, under the Turing Scholars CS honors program.

I am passionate about applying computer vision and AI solutions to help improve people’s lives at a large scale. I’m particularly interested in autonomous vehicles and their potential to save lives, reduce traffic congestion, and cut emissions.

I was fortunate to have Professor Kristen Grauman as my research advisor at UT. Our work on visual attributes was recently published in CVPR 2018 (paper here).

I’ve had the opportunity to learn from several internships in engineering and data science. Recently, I worked at Riot Games on machine learning recommendation algorithms for League of Legends. I previously worked at Google on Google Photos MapReduce APIs, and at RetailMeNot on ranking algorithms. This summer, I’m looking forward to interning at NVIDIA, where I will be working on deep learning for autonomous vehicles.

I’m currently a teaching assistant for CS102 Big Data at Stanford, and TA’d CS161 Algorithms previously.

You can find my up-to-date resumé here. If you know me personally, connect with me on LinkedIn!

In my free time, I like to travel, play guitar, read, play strategy games, and watch Star Trek. I enjoy appreciating architecture, and I like to drive and keep up with advances in the auto industry. Here are a couple of my favorite games. I’m also a Google Local Guide, with over 1 million photo views on Google Maps!

I post ideas I hope are interesting or useful on my blog, take a look below.

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